getting warmer in MN! :)

It's going to be close to 60 this weekend up here in MN! I'm sure all the snow will melt. I wish the ground wasn't frozen solid so I could go play!

I just can't wait to sit my new 250F up at the line with the 125's to see how she'll do off the start. I'd like to think pretty well, but it's not like I'll be the only thumper on the line! :) I gotta think it's gonna be close, but I definitely think I'll have an advantage when I race Millville this year.. those big hills tended to suck the power out of my '96 YZ 125. I am thinking the bigger torque from my thumper should carry me up the hills better.

Either way, I can hardly wait to point it up one of those big hills and crank the throttle to the stop, hanging on as I roost up the hill!

Now if only I wasn't in such bad shape.. gotta lose this winter belly!

Same here in PA. Going to hit 50 this weekend but tracks are muddy/snow covered. Now the rains are coming :) The District 6 MX races were suppossed to start on March 9th but practically all the tracks canceled due to bad conditions...

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