Tank removal for gray wire mod

Just got my 03 wr and was a little suprised at the power. I started reading this great page and now I am all jazzed about the free mods. I uncorked it and now I have started with the gray wire mod. When I remove the tank, do I unhook all the lines or just lift out of the way while it's still hooked up. Other questions from a new owner...Instead of cutting and grinding the throttle screw, the Yamaha guy said to purchase a yz screw. Thoughts? Any recommedations on skid plates, radiator backets, disk brake guards..What else should be done right away..I want to protect the most vulnerable parts. Thanks for your help. My first weekend to ride and it raining...

'03 WR250f

'03 cr85

'02 xr50

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'83 xr200r

There is only one line hooked up on the fuel tank, the gas supply line to the carb. To remove the tank, you just have to remove the two bolts that connect the tank to the frame, the 2 screws that connect the radiatior shrouds to the radiator, and the rubber clamp on the back of the tank. Disconnect the fuel line from the carb and you're done.

The YZ throttle stop screw will work fine in the WR and will be the correct length without cutting and measuring. The "Yamaha guy" is right.


1) you'll need to disconnect the gas line to get the tank off of the bike. just turn the petcock off, run the bike for a minute, and there won't be but a few drops of gas in the line when you disconnect the rubber hose.

2) a recent throttle stop info post. if you haven't changed the throttle stop you really haven't ridden it yet! seriously, grinding down the stock stop takes just a few minutes -- check out all the info in the link.

3) since you bought a WRF i suppose you are riding trails. for now don't go nuts buying new stuff. first i would get a good set of handguards. they will protect your levers but more importantly your fingers. i use cycra probends but there are lots of good types. then get a brake saver cable (it prevents your brake pedal from getting bent backwards when you crash). finally, the stock handlebars on yamaha's 250F's really are quite shoddy. i replaced my stockers with a 7/8" renthal and have been very happy. many people use the larger diameter aftermarket bars (1 1/8") but you'll need to get either a new tripleclamp or a set of adapters for your current tripleclamp. with these fix-ups you're ready to rock. note, if you don't have proper riding gear get it *before* you start riding. chest protector, good boots, etc.

i would say not to worry about adding all kinds of "high speed bling-bling" for now. get used to the bike, play around with the suspension settings, get it running like you want it to, and have fun. you'll figure out soon enough what you need to buy next. (like a real front tire, etc.) but, the most effective changes you can make to the bike involve getting the suspension set up (or possibly redone) for your weight and riding style.

ps check this out.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Hey cruzer.... if you dont get it and need help PM me. I'm in crapitola and can give you a hand. Its reallly easy.

I was at hollister today and It looked great.The lower Section was closed since they just groomed it.But the hills should be awesome.I'll be there tomorrow racing the HS.

The best thing about Hollister right now is everyone thought it sucked.Nobody there today. :DAll the rangers were bored.

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