Where to buy shock/fork springs?

Anyone know the least expensive place for xr4 aftermarket springs? I'm NOT 160lbs and need heavier. thanks.

I ordered mine directly from Race Tech. They made a huge difference in how the bike performed.

Thanks, I'll check them out. I probably should mention that i'm 225lbs. I read on 4stroke.com/honda that the eibach springs are about 20percent less. Anyone know about this? 160.00 vs. 200 for the race tech set up?

What is up Hilnar! Eli bought a 2002 Yamaha WR250! Looks good!

I have Eibach springs, I love em.

I run Race Tech fork springs and the stock rear. I am 250lbs w/o gear and have finally adjusted (after numerous attempts) the rear so that I don't bottom out except in the hardest landings/ditches. I bet you can spend the $80 on the fork springs, adjust the rear sag and play with the compression/rebound adjustments until you are pretty happy. Good luck.

Stock shock on the rear????? how did you set the sag w/o going under the recommended Length???? i adjusted down 7 turns about half an inch, and I'm close to the minimum length and still ended up with 4.5" sag.

I replied to your PM. I am essentially 1/16 inch beyond minimum which may be unecessary, and am at about 4.25 sag. I am happy with the way it works. I am running .46 fork springs and gold valves. Perfect...probably not but it seemed to work well on the last 2 rides.

Thanks for the information Now i'll just concentrate on the forks and the partially frozen rear shock rebound screw. I get a total of 4 clicks. any ideas how to free this screw ?????

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