2003 wr250 throttle stop

I bought my first WR this week, and have learned a lot from this website. I have read several articles about modifying the throttle stop, and removed mine last night to make the alteration. Is there any reason not to remove the throttle stop completely? The throttle seems to work fine with out it. Is there some sort of danger by doing this? Any insight would be much appreciated!

Yes. There has been much discussion here regarding this. I think the concensus is the the YZF wouldn't have a throttle stop if it wasn't needed. I too have a '03 WR250 and this mod was the first I completed. Just call your dealer and order part number - 5NL-14591-00.

Thanks for the input. I have only had the bike for a couple of days, and haven't even had it out on the trails yet. I am going out tomorrow to break it in. I am a little worried though after reading some stuff on this site. One guy said he bought this same bike, and it has a fatal problem with the throttle when applied 1/4 of a turn. It wants to bog down and kill the motor. This same thing happened to me when I first brought it home and fired it up. I figured I just need to work with the jetting a little bit. Have you experienced this same problem? I hope I didn't spend $5000 dollars for a bike that doesn't run at low rpms!

The mods will cause your jetting to change. When you're in the ball park on jetting, it'll pull down low no problem. If you want more low end, the power now, av now, etc, seem to help there. Good Luck.


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