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Anyone found a second source for the "velcro" they use in their

"extreme" kit?

$3.50 a pop sounds a little pricey to me...



Go to Radio Shack and ask for "loop to loop" velcro. If they dont know what it is go to the velcro section and you will see it. (the pimply faced kids dont know much :))

Although, Im not sure what you mean by "extreme kit", I assume you are talking about the velcro that attaches the cam to the helmet?

> Although, Im not sure what you mean by "extreme kit", I assume you are talking about the velcro that attaches the cam to the helmet?

They have two different mounting systems, one for the goggle

strap, and one they call the "extreme" mount... it's velcroed

to the side of your helmet.

I'll go to RS today, thanks for the tip!


I have not yet found a second source for the velcro, please let us know if you find the same stuff!

MOmilkman, if you've never seen the velcro that comes with the camera, it is STRONG stuff! I lift my helmet by the velcro'd on helmet camera and shake it around and it won't pop off of the helmet. :)

What is some of the ways you guys have your Cam system setup? I am still experminting with the best way to hold the cam, cables, mic mount, etc. I have tried the cam in the camel back, and the fanny pack, not real happy with either.

I have found the best place for the mic is high on the chin strap, inside helmt, so you don't get the wind buffing sound, just the sound of the bike or any comments you would like to add.

MOmilkman, if you've never seen the velcro that comes with the camera, it is STRONG stuff! I lift my helmet by the velcro'd on helmet camera and shake it around and it won't pop off of the helmet


I know exactly what hes refering to.

I used to have a helmet cam (since sold it) and I could hardly rip the camera off the helmet with it.

Radio Shack has this stuff. Its called "loop to loop velcro". Not the traditional "loop to fuzz stuff".

We're still experimenting. Last time out we used a small

backpack to hold the camera and ran the wires up to the

helmet from behind. We tried a couple of different mic setups:

1) Clipped to backpack. Lots of wind noise and no verbal commentary.

2) Clipped to front of jersey. Lots of wind noise but had pretty

cool realtime commentary.

3) Clipped inside helmet. Not so much wind noise, but my heavy

breathing after 3 laps was pretty embarrassing. :)

While I'm at RS today, I'm going to look for some mic foam too.

That should reduce the wind noise quite a bit.

On a side note: Anybody know anything about the remote stop/start

switch (not the IR remote)?


Merfman, Yes I did get the one from Helmetcam.com. It works great, it has a LED light so you know when your on standby (Green) or record (Red). the problem is its another wire you have to deal with, I have been using a small velcro strap and threading it through my chest protector in the front.

Thanks for the RS tip, I'm surprised they have that stuff. I'll have to check it out!

My cam setup; I wear a fanny bag but I wear it on the front for safety, though I'm not convinced this is really safer since my last crash was a belly flop. If you take a small sandwitch baggie, cut a small piece of it out and wrap it around the mic and then use a tiny zip-tie to hold it in place, then this really cuts down on the wind noise a lot! I've also had great luck wearing the mic on my belt behind me.

I want to try a new camera position next time I'm at the track. I want to mount the camera under my left radiator. You get a stellar view of the front tire that way! I tried it in the garage using zip ties and it looks very solid but I haven't tried it at the track yet. I jumped up and down on the bike and then watched the video and you get a great view of the front suspension working but the wheel is off to the side so you still get a clear view of the track. The trick is that the helmet camera, battery and mic need to be attached to the bike, with only the RCA connectors connecting you to the bike. This way if you fall it will just unplug. I'm going to try it next time I'm at the track. :)

I also use a fanny pack and ride with the camera in front of me. Tuck&Roll baby if I have to get off. The camera is mounted on the side of my helmet. I have video on my work PC for times things are slow at work.

From experience, the tuck and roll idea sounds good but doesn't work too good. :) When I did my belly flop I landed all out of whack from a jump and I was face first in the dirt before I even realized that the wheels had touched the ground. :D I guess there's no real "safe" way to do it unless the video camera is mounted to the bike itself. Though I'm sure the camera wouldn't last many rides like that..

Padded fanny pack with two compartments, microphone in the fanny pack with wind screen (also purchased at Radio Shack), and goggle mount/velcro lipstick camera connection. All that I hear on the tape is the bike unless we stop riding, then I can hear our conversation. Unless if you are riding in an area that needs a lot of explaining, there is no reason to use the microphone for commentary.


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