First time on track with 450

I picked up a 2002 450 last summer after spending 5 years on a CR 250. I have only ridden in the woods with it (wife was pregnant and couldn't get to the track). Well, i went last night and Holy Sh@#, what a difference. i was immediately faster than on my 250. i ride in Florida so we have a lot of sand, even the clay tracks have a large proportion of sand in it. the 450 eats the sand up!! No more picking a line through the corners, just point it in the right direction and hammer it. I found that going into a corner a gear higher makes the exit faster due to all the torque delivering smooth acceleration and not spinning the rear wheel. I was also much more comfortable jumping. i never got real comfortable on the 250. it seemed if throttle position was not perfect I was on the verge of looping all the time. The 450 was so easy to jump. I was clearing the doubles that used to scare the you know what out of me on the 250. I am in love with this bike and cant wait to get back to the track. I found that the factory settings on the suspension were horrible for me in the woods ( I weigh 250) and especially over the sand whoops (which i love to hammer wide open) but it seemed to work well on the track. I am going to have pro-acton do a whole revalve-respring, but i am now confused as to what to tell him. I spend my riding time 50-50 between the woods and the track and need it working in both environments. any suggestions? Can I have it set up for the track and make adjustments for the woods, vica-versa, or shoot for somewhere in the middle? I am on cloud nine today after last night and thought I would share it with you guys.

I just told my tuner not to forget that I ride in the woods also, but to go more on the MX side of things.

I weigh about 210, and after some reading here and fiddling around with it I have got it to handle pretty good in the woods.

After my revalve the settings are as follows;



spring= .47

Oil= 415 cc

comp= 8 clicks

rebound= 14 clicks


spring= 5.3

sag= 102 mm

hs comp= 1.5 turns

ls comp= 10 clicks

rebound= 12 clicks

For the woods I go;


comp= 16 clicks

rebound= 12 clicks


hs= 1.75

ls= 14 clicks

rebound= 10 clicks

I also run about 11 pounds in the front tire.

I can't tell you what a diff. this made in it bouncing off of everthing.

I don't think you will get it perfect for both, but it will be great for one and good enough for the other.

I know this does not really apply to stock but it gives you something to try, just going out on the comp and in on the rebound a little should help.

off road settings

This is where I found some helpfull info. :)

My suspension tuner set me up for Grand Prix racing. That way I have adjustments for Desert and Motocross.

2002 crf is awsome, if you get a chance ride a 2003, you will go buy one. :)

Waynes World, let me know how the suspension work goes. I too weigh in a a stealthy 250, and would like to know what spring rates you get. I am dying to upgrade my suspension, but not 100% sure on what spring rates to get. Glad you like the bike.

will do kingfisher-i have to wait a week or so because the pro-action rep is waiting on the fat man springs (I'm actually not that fat - lots of time in the weight room years back)

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