Skid Plate.

I finally got my skid plate. I got the one from Utah Sport Cycle. I looks like it provides ample protection and was not all that expensive. It is aluminum and has wings that guard the water pump on the one side and the stator housing on the other. It was real easy to install. Looks like a coal shovel but I don't care because it protects well. I had the same brand on my WR400 and never had a complaint.


I use the same one. It's huge but is the best-fitting skid plate I have owned. Took a big hit Saturday and put a huge dent in it but it did it's job. I'll be taking a sledge hammer to it shortly... :)


I have the same one, got it from some guy in oregon.


I have the same one, got it from some guy in oregon."

:):D :D


I have the same one, got it from some guy in oregon."

It is jim's old skid plate which came on the bike I bought from him.


Thanks for the link. I just bought the last skid plate on the shelf.

I am stocking up for the WR. I have ordered ProTapers, hand guards & deflectors, frame guards, skid plate, exhaust insert, rear disk guard, radiator guards, hour meter, and 2 new air filters.

Now, if I could just get my bike…..

How come utah sport cycle doesnt have the wr450 on their web site ?

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe Dave at could show them how a digital camera works. :)

I have been doing alot of surfing , and nobody seems to have much of anything for the 450's yet.

I have been trying to get Plastic frame guards but no one makes them yet. I tried using the ones off of my WR400 and the one from the right side fit fine but the left one didn't fit at all.

I checked the Utah Sport Cycle web site too and you are correct It is not listed.. I got mine from Steahly Off Road.


Hey Jim,

Could you give me some more info on this plate? I bought the Devol one and I don't like it. The alluminum is too thin and weak. I bent it on my first ride.

Also, thanks for the Power Now info. I bought one and like it.



The Utah Sport Cycle skid plate is made from Hardened 3/16 aluminum plate and wraps up to protect both the water pump on the right side and the stator housing on the left, plus the frame rails all the way back beyond the oil drain plug.. Really good coverage.. The only part that I am not crazy about is the rear mounting method, 2 u shaped clamps that fall off each time you remove the skid plate. It goes up in the front all the way to protect the oil lines from the frame..Very well thought out.


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