Carb tweeking after Hot Cam install?

I installed an autodecompression exhaust cam in my 1999 WR 400F. Easy now to push starter down...just that the prior carb settings are not quite right...Could the new piston pressure/air/fuel mixture while starting require new settings? It takes about 30-40 kicks to get it started...same once warm and trying to start again after shut down. A remote fuel screw was installed on the carb at the same time...not sure if it is seated exactly as the prior screw.:crazy:

Thanks for any help.

If the problem does not care if the bike is warm or cold, I suggest first confirming valve clearances are correct. Confirm them, do not assume.

Then, I'd confirm the spring/washer and oring are on the fuel screw, then I'd try the original one.

This is the fuel screw which replaced the original one...joe

Could be that your getting too much decomp from the cam.

I didn't have to make any jetting changes when I went to the hot cams auto decomp cam on my 426. Agree with William1, check the clearence. Hard starting as you describe is usually a valves hangin open a bit issue...

Far as I know, that screw is supposed to be OK. I'll ask a dumb question that has to be asked. When you took your old screw out, you removed the spring/washer/oring, put them on the new screw, right. I ask because sometimes they fall off and guys neglect to have them, in other instances, the oring has remained behind up in the hole and a second one ended up being installed.

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