man's bike vs. woman's bike

ive been debating on what bike to buy my girlfriend for past couple weeks.ive finally decided yz426 is perfect bike for her.she's a beginner so i want something that isnt fast and lacks power.i know my kx500 is way to much bike for most men let alone a woman.hopefully someday they will make a 4-stroke that will be able to hang with my kx500 kx%20vs.%20yamaha.JPG

Cool! :D

Hey it looks like your thumper humper is more interested in your buddy he's got pinned on the ground there. :)

The humane thing to do would be to get that brute neutered. Lord knows we don't want those things breeding! :D


The scary thing is that pudgy little fella' even rides a bike.






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Originally posted by IM_A_THUMPERHUMPER:

hopefully someday they will make a 4-stroke that will be able to hang with my kx500

We all know it won't be green(garbage) :)

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Rat bikes are always amusing.


:D She rides :D


I ride: :D


We ride: :)

px24.jpg \

Boys, girl...We all love to ride :D

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YZ426 for a beginner chick because it isn't fast and lacks power? Did your girlfriend stunt double for the lotta woman in Shallow Hal?

Coventional forks?.......that must be a kdx 200 with a moto front plate on it!!!! And a kickstand ?EEEIIIIIIIIIWWWWW!

What a moron, it's like a scene out of Deliverence. Wonder which one squeals like a pig?

I have a buddy who has a 400. His wife rides a 200. same with my wife and i. But his wife will jump on his 400 and rip $hit up. She is a really good rider and she can handle the power awesome. then again she only weighs a $1.20. Incase you wanted to know.

your guys know what would make that green thing even better. i nice drum brake for the front. it this guy thinks that the kx500 is the best then is his world a drum brake is all anyone really needs.


I met this guy at Rampart range with a KX 500. He thought that bike would beat anything. To make a long story short I found the guy later in the day and passed him on powerline like he was standing still. 30 seconds later he was gonefrom my view. My friend and I were both riding CR 500s whhen we roosted him, lucky I wasn't riding my 200 it was much faster in the woods. A new KX500 is still just an 80s KX500.

quote from the movie Deliverance: boy you are lost ain'tcha


Boy u sure gotta pretty mouth!

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