Another gearing question 15/50

Ok guys, I know there's been tons of gearing questions in the past but I can't find anything on 15/50 gearing. I bought all those sprockets that were on ebay a few weeks back (45 misc sprockets) and there just happens to be a JT 50 tooth, titanium alloy sprocket in the bunch that would fit the DRZ. I am contemplating going with the 15/50 gearing but I'd have to buy a new chain which is $110. Or I could just sell the sprocket and buy a 48 tooth and not worry about getting a new chain. What do you guys think? Would that be too low of gearing for road riding? It's about the same ratio as 14/47. Anyways, I'm in the process of finding out what all these sprockets fit (it's a very time consuming process). Once I figure out what they fit I'll make up a list and see if anyone is interested. So would I be better off to just buy a 48 tooth steel sprocket and keep the original chain and go 15/48 OR buy a new chain and use the titanium sprocket and go with the 15/50??? :)

If I decide to not use the 50 tooth titanium alloy would anyone be interested in it?

iam running 15 49 and i luv it granted i had to buy a new chain but well worth it


if your sure it will fit Im interested, thanks.

$110 seems a little high for a chain.

Seems like you bought yourself a little hobby finding out what everything fits...

Would be neat if you could try a bunch of combonations and tell us how you like them since you have them on hand.

I would be interested on how some of those extreme combonations clear things.

I was going to go with a 15 front but didn't want to pitch my sproket gaurd.

Good luck! :)


Will a S model sprocket guard fit a E? S comes with a 15 front,that way you would have it all! Andrew

You know you have to take into consideration the suspension benefits of going to a bigger rear sprocket much less the chain longevity benefits of going to a bigger front sprocket.

The Sprocket guards (plastic are the same).

The Chrome chain guide is different, more clearance for the 400S 15T stock sprocket, I run 14/47 and 15/47 on mine and kept the chrome chain-guide but chucked the plastic guard because it is about as much use as an optional ashtray.

Regarding: "So would I be better off to just buy a 48 tooth steel sprocket and keep the original chain and go 15/48 OR buy a new chain and use the titanium sprocket and go with the 15/50???"

G'day Hammerface, I think even with a 15/48 you'd need a new chain. I'm at 14/48 and even the one extra tooth may run you out of space. It will be real close. Snow began melting today so I'll get back to you soon on how the 14/48 works out FYI.

Hey foots, what do you mean about suspension? How would a larger rear sprocket affect my suspension? Oh, Kawidual, the model number for that JT sprocket that I have is JTA 808-50 and it's the titanium alloy (sort of a copper/gold colour - pretty nice). The guy I talked to seems to think it would fit my bike. He sent me an applications spread sheet and told me the bolt pattern for 808 models are all the same :) Maybe just call your local dealer and see what they say. If you're still interested email me at and we can work something out. I'm sure shipping would be fairly cheap cause it's really frickin' light. :DAnd yeah, this will be a little hobby of mine trying to find what everything fits, oh well, it's bike related so I don't care. Cdntanker, yeah let me know what you think of the 14/48. Why did you switch both sprockets? I'm gonna leave the stock 15 on the front and just switch off the back... Thanks for all the input guys, I really appreciate it.

Running a bigger front and rear sprocket doesn't load up the rear suspension as bad as a smaller set-up with the same ratio. One of the tricks that the supercross guys came up with in the 80"s

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