lowering bike

i have a o4,yamaha450 yzf. i need to know how to lower the bike, i want to do it myself

Take an electric carving knife to the seat.....it's how i did mine...then you are not messing with suspension goemetry...cheap too:thumbsup:


Isn't that a pretty rough ride on your butt? haha Least on dirt it is. I don't like the stock seat on the YZ426 to much but it is a MX bike ... so can't expect one either :crazy:

that looks pretty cool on the supermoto...

i shaved the seat down on my yz250 when i had it...for off road, i didn't like it...i couldn't move forward and backward on the seat too much as i found myself sliding back to the low part...also, i was low on the bike while sitting, making it a funky sitting to standing transition while riding...just a thought.

I think Devol makes a lowering link

Options to lowering are as follows:

shave seat....pros are that it does not alter suspension leverage or geometry; con is your butt is closer to uncomfortable frame, peg to seat distance can be uncomfortable for some over extended periods of riding and you may have to buy new seat come resale time.

have suspension shop use spacers ...pros are it does not alter suspension leverage and is easily reversible, you have that local person-to-person contact (if indeed a local shop is doing it) to talk things over should your needs change; con is you lose travel.

lowering link... pros (if the link has an increased leverage ratio) is you get better traction and plushness over small stuff like braking bumps and square edge holes, the bike turns better, you gain travel (contrary to popular belief of losing travel), is easily reversible, meaning, you can take it off yourself in about 5 minutes come resale time. Cons are it alters geometry and the forks have to be raised in the clamps so your bike doesn't turn like a Mississippi tugboat,, sag must be reset, ie, it is not for bolt-on artists who do not want to dial in their suspension, and if you are on the border of needing a heavier spring for your riding weight you will definitely need one with a lowering link (with increased leverage, of course, there are some with decreased leverage) because leverage - what is helping your rear wheel travel through the arc - is increased by approximately 7% and you will bottom easier (which is offset by fine tuning with high speed compression knob.

Don't do it! Its way to pricey and you get little gain. I've seen guys 5'2" ride these bikes. You just need to get used to it. Cutting the seat is the easier thing to do if you must.

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