I recieved all my DRZ Super Motard Parts!

Well I have to tell somebody who'd understand! (And I couldnt find the original selling post)

I got all my SM parts (Wheels, rotor, tires, caliper, mastercylinder, chain, sprocket, mirrors) from Mike (DRZ_DownUnder) and boy are they nice. Being as they were shipped from Australia it took a little while to get the last box (of three) even thought they were all shipped about the same time but that was not a big problem. Although I have to admit that it did start make me wonder about sending $1800 overseas sight unseen and hoping that the shipping company doesn’t just loose something. I can tell you that if you ever get a chance to deal with Mike rest assured that he’s fair, communicates quickly and does (and sells) what he say’s he will. Pretty cool when you can trust fellow dirt bikers like that even thought you’ve never met them and their on the other side of the world! I’ll be posting pics soon! My first SM race is less than four weeks away!


SWEET! :) Post pics soon.

I want to see pics when you're done. Where you gonna race?


Pics are a must!!

Thanks guys! I'm racing in a new series put on by a group called Midwest SuperMotard (www.midwestsupermotard.com) that races in Pevely Missouri. (about 20 min from St.Louis) They started up last year with about 15 guys and this year they expect it to be considerably bigger. It's weird to be going motorcycle racing again (Used to roadrace 8 yrs ago)so I'm not sure what to expect but I guess that makes it exciting too! I'll keep ya's posted...

also waiting on pictures :)


We have the same type of thing where I live with Super Motard-USA running our series. We have a go kart track with a dirt "S" turn and a small table top jump and some great tight sweeping turns. All together a pretty tight track, but might be an advatage to us DRZ guys. Last year they ran I think 8 events and the turnout kept growing and growing. The last event was real exciting. I did not run any of the series last year but will run all of them this year. I did go to every event. I even talked the company I work for into helping to sponcer the series.

Two of the events will be run out by Pittsburgh PA at a place call Bever Run. That place looks like a huge road course. I have a feeling I will looking at the back of a lot of CRF and YZF450 guys, but who cares!! If I really like it alot I will buy the RM450F put my motard stuff on that and keep the DRZ for trail riding. Have fun intalling everything!!!


That sounds very similar to our track from what I've heard. Frankly I have little interest in SMing on a full size road course. I used to roadrace but got older, job, kids etc so I got out. I'm doing this as I've heard its less expensive, somewhat less risky (60mph vs. 130mph) and more of a family fun type of event. At least I'm hoping it is... I heard that the bid 600 SM's were'nt any faster on this track. So yes I think us DRZ'ers will do OK. Thats great to hear you have a sponser! Don't think my work is too thrilled about me racing so sponsorship is out of the question. Not to mention that this biz (medical ultrasound still in development, I used to own) wouldnt have anything to gain from it. I'll keep ya posted. Please do the same.



I know the feeling. I did the MX thing for years . Its really big here in the NY,NJ,PA area. The NJ, NY area have so many riders that you go to the races to wait all day to run on tracks that you have to clear 40 or 50 ft doubles. At 41 with 3 little ones and My son (6 years old) is coming up and starting to show some speed now I decided that the MX thing is a little to much for him.

So it was time to move on and supermoto seems to be the way to go. I went to all of the events in this area and took it all in before I made the decision to get into it. I just hope to see a little guy mini class so we can set up his PW50 or his new XR70.

I plan to leave my DRZ street legal also. It just looks like to much fun not to be able to leave the driveway and rip around the streets.

I agree that the full road courses might be a little hairy, I'm hoping that the dirt sections are good and big too. I'm still hashing out what tires that will be soft enough to grip on the tar and still not make me brown my leathers in the dirt and not wear out every 500 miles.

I wish my company was sponsoring me. They are actually sponsoring one of the Iron man awards for the guy that scores the most points and shows up to the most races. In the Southern series and the Norhtern Series that SMUSA is putting on.

Maybe next year I can talk them into buying the RM450F for me. Mainly because my wife will kill me if I buy one. :)

Those are some nice bits ya got there..

Lookin forward to the pics > :)

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