450 with a 50 teeth

I am 210 lbs, Mid Pack b rider. Good Idea, or will I run out of gears?

My 4.5 cents

Do you like the HIT of the 450 YZF? if so leave alone.

You want more HIT? go to a 50T.

This bike is wicked FAST!!!!! If you say your running 4 gear WFO all the time........... than buddie, but need to move up a class. (PRO) :)

Less of a hit? put on 15T front

I just came off a YZ 250, that was ported mid-top, so I like the punch, I can't even imagine why someone would want a flyweight, besides the stalling.

Dude, I ride every week end, sometimes in hilly areas somtimes flat. I weigh 210 also I was having some stalling problems ( Fast trail riding not racing ) I installed a flywheel and lowered the gear to 52....I really like the

difference. Top speed is still faster than I need to go.

Also while at Pac bell Park I noticed the Yamahas had 52

on the back....Try it, no one can tell you how to make your bike comfortable for you, you need to experiment. After all

we weigh 60 lbs more :) than the average racer.


I took the stock one off and went with a 49T Renthal.I should have stayed with the stock one. I ride mx and I have a hard time hooking up out of the cornres.To much power, not a bad thing.My rear tire spins a lot. I weight 265 with gear on and still have problems with traction. A 50T might be good for indoors. The 450f has so much power you dont need anything other than stock unless you ride hills.

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