Race Tech Technical Edge Video

Anybody want to sell/rent/lend me this video?

I'm trying to decided if I can install Gold Valves myself. I've changed springs in the past, but I've never gone near a cartridge before. I figure seeing an example will help me decide. I don't want to pay $20 just realize that I'm not up to the task.

The gold valves should come with a video on how to install them.

Ya, I got the Gold Valves and the Video a couple of weeks ago.

Wow, the RM forks on my DRZ are great.

You're on Vancouver Island? I grew up in Vancouver. Now, I'm in California.

Gotta love this weather!


How was the install of the Race Tech valves? I just ordered some, and was just curious?

I have the video, but I lent it to a friend and haven't gotten it back! However, if you are at all mechanically inclined the video will easily guide you through the job. I had my forks done, then got the video later. Wish I would have saved the money on the shop work as I know I could have done the valving via the video.

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