Stock Tank MPG

Anyone know how many miles I can get out of a stock tank (1.8 gals.) of gas? Reason I ask is because I'm doing my first desert race next month and I would like to know if I'm going to need alternate gas somewhere on the course. It a 45 mile loop.

Thanks in advance guys!

Try this:

web page

I have the panorama odometer on my bike and I tested it for this very reason at the local indoor mx track. With the stock 14/48 gearing I was out at 42 miles! I since have bought a number plate tank from Baja designs so that when I go over 40 miles I can simply strap this tank on. They come in two sizes a .8 gal and a 1.3 gal. I bought the .8 as this will give me the same amount as the WR450 and they get about 55 miles before they are out. I also have added a 15 tooth to the front which should also help. If you want to see the tanks then go to and check them out. :)

thanks guys!

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