426 - What should I do???

So I've been working on my 2000 426 and I can't find the problem. Find out that I am inheriting a 2002 426 that has not been that well taken care of. It's pretty hashed, but between the two bikes I think I can make a pretty sweet ride.

My question is this - the 2002 has a spot on the frame where it has a dent in it. If you are sitting on the bike, it is on the left side, under the seat, a little after the frame splits from one piece into left and right pieces.

The dent in the frame is a pretty good one, it goes about 1/3 of the way into the metal of the frame.

I am considering putting the motor into my 2000, but I am wondering if a dent like that would even be a big problem, as it would be way easier to just take what I need off my 2000 and put it all on the 2002.

Any thoughts?

Post some pics of the dent.

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