Race Tech Technical Edge Video

Anybody want to sell/rent/lend me this video?

I'm trying to decided if I can install Gold Valves myself. I've changed springs in the past, but I've never gone near a cartridge before. I figure seeing an example will help me decide. I don't want to pay $20 just realize that I'm not up to the task.

The demo shows you the installation for inverted forks. I'll be doing a write up with full pictures and posibly some diagrams as soon as my darn parts come in. Which should be by the end of this coming week.

Send an email to gyro@cogeco.ca saying "Just a reminder about the fork/shock work guide." That way when I get around to doing it I'll send you a link to the website I post it all on.

Edit: oh and if you know your basics for tools, arn't afraid to learn alittle bit of stuff, and can afford to buy hte parts to do a revalve.... By the looks of the video its not to hard.

I'll be re-valving my shock which has alittle more pain in the ass process to go through but I believe I can do the while thing. Seeing how my local bike shop wants 75 bucks an hour!

I'm a little confused, are you talking about the forks or the rear shock? The 2000S doesn't have cartridge forks, and you can't use the gold valves. You have to buy their cartridge emulators.


yup you wont be doing a cartridge fork install. I didn't notice you have a 00.

So when I write up my guide it'll actually be the same year bike as yours

Are you going to put them in the 98 RM125 forks. I've got the video for the DRZ forks but there isn't much difference. If you want this one I'll ship it to you via UPS for postage. There isn't that much to putting them in as long as you can follow directions. If you put something in wrong BOY will you know it. Let me know.

Yes, everybody is right. I'm getting some 98 RM 125 forks to replace my 1984 DRZ-S Forks.

Foots, I'd love to look at your video. I'll PM you my mailing addess.

Thanks for all your input fellas.

98 RM125 uses a Showa Twin Chamber

it is opposite, comp is on top, reb bottom

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