Seat Cover Dilemma

I have been trying to install my new gripper seat cover, putting it on and stretching it tight is not a problem. I just can’t find a good way to staple it on! Both electric and Manual staple guns wont work? The staples just twist up or wont go through the seat plastic. I have already looked at Pneumatic staple guns at Sears and Home Boy Depot, but they (Air Staple Guns) don’t have, or I haven’t found yet, 1/4 shallow staples. Sears’s shortest staples are 1/2" 20 Gauge 3/8' staples, those are too long.

What have you guys used with success?

I used an electric stapler, I think it was Arrow. I had to hold the stapler down very tight against the seat (push down hard) to get it to work. Try to keep the stapler straight as possible. Any movement in the stapler will cause them to twist. It was a PITA, but I got it to work. Be careful near the thin parts because you don't want the staples popping through the seat cover. I think I used 1/4" and 5/16" staples. Good Luck

What have you guys used with success?

A pneumatic staple gun, 120psi will put a staple through anything. :)

I actually just got my gripper seat cover installed last weekend. I just used a spring loaded gun from the Depot. I believe it was 3/8" or 5/16" staples. I just had to push really tight against the plastic and it went right in. The only parts that were a little tough was where the cover was folded over 3 or more times. Otherwise I think you can make the standard staple gun work. Just gotta hold it completely straight and push really hard against the plastic...

I bought 1/4" staples for mine initially and after going through every curse word 3-4 times I went and bought some 3/8" staples and it worked much better. I set the seat on my small wooden coffee table so I could lean on the stapler really hard and drive the staples in. Some I had to tap flush with a small hammer. I imagine the new design staple guns with the trigger mounted the opposite direction would be better yet. 1/4" staples pulled out every time though. I did anchor it with 1/2" staples in the well padded part in the middle and some places where the material was bunched up (like the corners of the front and back of the seat).

Just finished my XXX seat cover and had the same provblem. Went to Home Depot and boutht a Powershot stapler. This one is unique in that the handle squeezes is reversed from most others line Arrow, Slimline... This means that as your hand pushes down it puts downward pressure on the staple. Most staplers will rock backwards as the staple is injected. :)

The powershot worked well but still required some staples be hammered down. Used 3/8 staples. Good luck. :D

Same deal: Powershot w/ 1/4" staples and tapping w/ hammer. I made my own seat cover from some twice-as-thick (at least!) automotive material that a friend gave me. It took a lot of patience and some careful work with a heat gun to stretch and shape it, but it looks perfect. For the cost of a new cover, it was worth it. It should be far more durable and it has a texture somewhere between "gripper" and "slipper".

Just one caution: Before you really staple 'er tight, fit it to the bike. Despite a YZ seat w/ a Clarke YZ tank, the front of the seat still was still forced up by the tank enough to induce a wrinkle in my cover. I had to redo it "extra tight" to eliminate this.

20 bucks at the local upholstery shop got mine done, and I didn't have to curse my whole family either when the staples wouldn't go.

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