paddle for 06 8 or 10-Sand Snake MX

first ride on 8 and i got more then enough grip. :thumbsup:

10 whould be to much for a stock 450 unless you try to kill it.

i would only get a 10 paddle if i rode a 500, but i like my 450s:ride:

Ronnie Renner runs a 10 paddle on his KTM 450 in the sand. It looks like it is silky smooth for jumps. I will be putting a 10 paddle on this year to try it. I have always ran 8's so I will let you know.

i find that my bike with stock gearing just dosnt have enough power for more then 8, and i dont like clutching it all the time. and less top speed 2.

let us know how it work with 10.

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