Want to run Shock Sox on a 04 WR 450....

Hey guys, I did the search and the consensus seems to be that you simply take off the fork protector "sliders" that guide the fork guards off, and that's it....

The fork guards seem pretty "floppy" to me....

Has anyone had any problems by not running the slider guides?

You can remove the guides and then put them back on over the sox. Just don't put a bolt through the mount , use a zip-ty or mechanics wire to hold it in place. If you retighten the bolt with the guide over the sox it will deform the fork and you will have instant fork leaks.....trust me, my buddy proved it to me on his old WR. You still need something to stop the guards from tearing up the new sox, so I recommend just putting the guides back in place. My .02 WR Dave

I don't run them because when I bought the bike it only came with one slider because it had a PC HoleShot lock on the other, the brake line side doesn't even touch the sock but the other side has start to rub the seal savers logo off, but it seems to work fine DSC06074.jpg

Well, I'm getting sick of doing the 35mm film trick, so I'm going to order a set anyway.

I'll try the bike out this weekend without the guides, just so see how it goes.

Worse case senario, I'll do the zip-ty method....

Thanks guys!

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