New web site

Hey Randy,

Pics look good. I was in the devol shop when you were getting your racetech springs installed by Royce. Looks like you got a pretty sweet track!



Nice looking website. It looks like you have mastered Java, I was having the hardest time getting it to work and once I did my PC crashed. New Motherboard should be here any day.

BTW, in the bottom picture on your homepage you look to be standing in a data center room, is this the case? I know the look of those well, I am a network engineer and have spent many long hours in those rooms. Are you in the I/T field? Later.

Nice Pics Dobbins,

Looks like you were doing the XXX movie stunt with the power lines in the background of one pic. Nice air!

Nice looking track you've got there. You bike is looking sweet


Thanks You been riding lately?


It's a Central Office in the back ground.

I work for a large Telecommunications company.


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