Can someone send me pic's of fuel/frame mod??

Please send me the pics here: Thanks in advance

Do a serch under flame tank and you will get some good pics and explanation. Then send Ride-Red a thank you.

All I get are red x's on that page???

Red X's here too.

Ride Red is the man to make this happen. He was the first guy to do this mod and then post photos. I just copied what he did with a few different twists. I believe that the photos are down because of some issue with the hosting site, I think it went out of bussiness. I know he can get them back up because he did it a few days ago with the coolant tank photos. Maybe if we all asked him nicely he would put all the photos together and post them. Then we would really owe him bigtime.

Honda4 I sent you a PM with the links but here they are again for everyone else:




Then we would really owe him bigtime.

Cha-Ching!! :) RR.

How do you add the gas to the frame? I dont see an inlet?

Open both valves and top the tank off. The frame will fill up. RR.

Well, its still over my head, but i would have to say that RideRed is very and must be a mechanical engineer or something on the side! :)

Looks cool. But I would need more detailed instructions to pull this off...though I get the general idea. How much fuel does it add to capacity? Where does it run from first? Tank or frame? IE, how do you know how much fuel is in your frame at any given time? Those "superman xray" glasses I got from the back of my wheaties box still don't perform as I had hoped!


must be a mechanical engineer or something

I'm not a mechanical engineer but I do play one on TV.


:) RR

Your frame holds aprox. 1.8 liters. The frame is attached to your fuel system at the carb so the fuel just fills the frame spars until the level reaches the level in the tank.When your tank is completely out of fuel there will still be a small amount left in the frame as it is lower than the bottom of the tank. I've put over 100 hrs. on mine now with no problems at all. Having that extra fuel in the frame sure beats carring it in a container. If you've got any questions just ask, it's not that hard to do.

It holds just shy of a half gallon. Keep it shut off till your main tank runs dry. Shut off the tank petcock and turn on the frame valve. Tested it out one day and went 23 miles on the frame. Lot better than pushing the bike for 23 miles.

Another cool thing is you can run the engine (or heck--ride the bike) with the tank off.

Here's the link to the discussion on the subject: RR.

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