2007 WR450 - I had a few valves off so purchase some new shims and replaced them. Prior to doing this had had the engine at TDC. The exhaust and intake camshaft punch marks were in their right place. The crankshaft indicator at the bottom was lined up with the marker. From service book "When the "I" mark is aligned with the stationary point, the piston is at the Top Dead Center (TDC). So all three were aliened = TDC. I replaced the shims and installed the camshafts back in the bike with the right orientation, TDC. Looked down at the crankshaft indicator and the marker had moved for some reason? Not sure if it's just because the chain is loose or it moved from me trying to get it reinstalled or what. I also notice then there are actually two indicators/marks.

If I spin the crankshaft with a wrench it'll move the indicator and I can get it back into place but which of the two indicator/marks do I use? But when I do that it also moves the camshafts and they're then out of place. Any suggestions on what I should do?

I do have the timing chain tensioner out if it matters?

So on the bottom TDC mark I'm seeing one marking that looks like this |--| but is all one marking with out any spaces, and another that just looks like this |

Which is TDC? I think just the single |

It is the single line after the "H" shaped mark.

Thanks for the reply. It's running! I think part of it was the tensioner wasn't in. I was one tooth off on the intake side but got it all lined up when I was done. I was a bit freaked out last night when I say it so stopped and gave it a night to regroup. It fires right up now and replaced the spark plug. Man I should change that more often, it was toast!

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