Any chain and rear sprocket advice for XR4?

I have a chain that is pretty beat on the bike I just got, and I am looking to get a new one. I also want to go up 2 on the rear sprocket.

I know this is the right place to for you all to let loose with your opinions on what's best to buy.

So if you have a minute, let me hear it! :)

New chain and sprockets at the same time.

Sunstar sprockets. (Same as OEM)

DID O-ring or X-ring chain.

I went from 15-45 to 14-45 and really like it.

It's about the same as 15-48.

thanks Kev-

do you recommend changing front and rear?

Front, rear, chain.

Always replace all three when replacing the chain.

Worn sprockets = more wear on the new chain.

Dwight recommends the steel rear sprocket for less wear and longer chain life. That's what I did on my XR200. The chain will probably outlive the old 87 motor and frame.

Steel rear sprockets weigh a ton, but what doesn't on an XR?

I went from the OG 15/45 combo to the 14/48 steels and a 520 DID ER Gold a few months back. Just for kicks, I put the old, not worn out 15 back on the front, and I did notice the difference in the slow tight stuff. I would, depending on your riding, go with the same rear, and experiment with a couple of different fronts. I purchased another new set of 15/45 from Paul White(a.k.a. whiteboy), here and will experiment with them when they come in. Fronts are cheaper, and easier to swap. 14, 15, and 16 fronts are available. If you know ring and pinions from cars, with the 45 rear and all 3 fronts, you will have ratios of 3.24(45/14), 3.00(45/15), and 2.81(45/16). The higher the number, the lower your top speed, but you can go slower without bogging the bike in low gears. Opposite for the other way. The lower the number, the higher top speed you will have, killing your slow speed cruising. Find out what you do/don't like in the gearing you have, and change accordingly. If you don't see a need to change the gearing, then get the same gearing, and a spare front. Do change both sprockets and chain at the same time, and get a spare master link and chain breaker for your tool kit...just in case.

I just went with the a new 15 up front, and I got a 48 for the rear. I talked to Gumby, and he really like that setup with his Q. Of course...back order for the longer DID Chain. So we shall see what kind of changes I notice next week. But I did replace everything, so I should have a healthy new setup.


Damn Corey, you just sounded like Jim on Taxi, sometimes you amaze me! :)

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