7 Mountain Dual Sport June 22nd Pennsylvania

Anyone going to this? I plan on it and I hear that it is very good.

i go every year. this is a very good run. if you take the hero sections or even if you don't i hope you like rocks and are good in them.

Well if its anything like riding at Tower City or up around Altoona then I should be good. I am used to the rocks. I will have to wait and see I guess. It sure sounds fun. I am up for a change of scenery.

Can you post some more info on the run sounds like fun. How long, where is it located. I have a new rider with me this year can he do it or should I ask him to stay home for this one. Thanks JZ

Well the only thing I know about it is from word of mouth. I know a few people who have done it and they say its great. The trails they use are "Real" trails and not just dirt roads through the country. There are Hero sections with eazy ways around for the light hearted. They have base camp at 7 Mountian camp grounds so before/after the ride you can hob nob with fellow riders and do some serious bench racing. All in all it looks to be a fun ride.

Here is a link to the web site, although it doesn't have alot of info on the ride it does have lots of pics from it.

PATRA (7 Mountain DS)

From what I've heard this is a great event. The 7 Mountains Campground is a great place to camp and start the event, too.

I attended this event in 2001, unfortunately my XR400 countershaft broke early into the event. However, everyone said that the entire ride was great. Great scenery and nice trails.

I would love to attend this event in 2003. Unfortunately :), it is the same weekend has the Ridge Riders' (http://www.ridgeriders.org) National Dual Sport Ride and East Coast ISDE Qualifier. 2-Days of riding with the pros beats 1 day of riding. Too bad, as the 7 Mountains Ride is an awesome event. I hope their attendance doesn't suffer.

If they could only move the event 2 weeks prior or later.

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