Who makes an ign cover for a kick conversion.

I called D.S.P. which now works out of the FMF building because FMF now owns D.S.P and they said they lost their carbon fiber maker and were waiting for a new one.They did say they had no more ign. covers too bad.Also changed from DSPracing to DSPmoto.Anyway I am considering a kick conversion and would like to know who offers a ign. cover for a kicker you know one without the starter hole.Maybe billet or something.Lighter the better.

why are you considering that AND considering selling your bike? Selling Bike Thread

I believe my local dealer has a ignition cover for a kick model. Been sitting on a shelf behind glass for a long while. 200 bucks canadian.

I'd have to check if its for the kick model but I think it is and not the E. It might even be from DSP, not really sure but it sure is pretty looking. I'm going there this sunday for a open house thing so let me know if you want it and I'll give you the shop details. I'm sure they can ship it if you really wanted it.


Uh I am trying to lighten it up and this is the only thing I havn't done yet to help with weight(I think) besides the last thing in the world I want to do is sell my bike I just have hard time convincing myself I go to these races to have fun.I go to do the best I possibly can regardless of what I will be riding. We'll see.

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