East Coast TT RIDE

When is the next one going to be sanctioned and if its in Southern PA i would love to make it its only a hop and a skip across maryland for me... since im in northern virginia... well just wondering... Hey moderator BILL how far from DC are u... IM looking for places to ride... Any help... thanks

1.5 hours north (York, Pa), take 95 north to 695 and then north on 83. If you want to ride, me and snpcrklpop, we are going to Rocket on the 15th.


Contact me at bandjhall@suscom.net

Bill let me see when i get paid... just moved back east... broke literally no money got a half tank of gas to last me a couple weeks... lol... well let me see adn ill get back to u.. where at do you ride and do u need to be part of a club.. any fees... garbage like that...

Rocket is a $12/day, no membership track. It's 1.75 hours from my house.

Let's ride!


1.75 hours north south east west..... MX track.. no experience on a MX track would be my first.. but what the hey im up for learnin... Ill let you know how the funds go and wether or not i can make the ride..

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