After Market Headlight

I busted up my stock headlight on my "S" and was trying to figure out which after market headlight will work with the stock speedo computer.

the UFO Oregon is a worthless bag of crap. Matter of fact, every single UFO part I have used on my DRZ Dark project has been a cheesy Acerbis knockoff at 3/4 the price and 1/4 the quality.

I am about to order the Acerbis DHH in black.

I know the stock speedo will fit behind it (though I have a trailtech now) and I have seen them in action. That combined with the driving lights I mounted on the front fender.......

most headlights will fit on without too much trouble..

acerbis dhh on my bike 5a.jpg

acerbis diamond on my girlfriends bike5b.jpg

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