Yosh graphics

Where do you get them? Will the tank and shroud graphics fit on a stock tank and shroud? Most the ones i have seen are on larger tanks and Cycra extended shrouds.

N-STYLE makes them or did and I talked with them today because the sales manager said he found some left over yoshi graphics for the cycra/IMS setup and he said he sent them and didn't know why I hadn't seen them yet. They are a tuff crowd to deal with every one says something different and they said they were going to make more for the stock setup only, not the race team so you might be in luck. I have to call the manager monday cuz he left me hanging all day and I will find out when exactly they will be ready.Didn't wanna leave you hanging.

I have the full Yosh graphics with the stock "E" tank and stock shrouds but they came on the bike. I don't know where to get them.

HHHMMM..... Thats odd I called and emailed them about getting the tank/Cycra shroud graphic and was told I needed to buy the whole stup including the seat cover.I would love to get my hands on a set of tank/Cycra shroud graphics and gave up.Moto whats up with this???

I'm telling you they are a hard crowd and busy crowd to deal with, mine started to come off due to no slots cut in the tank graphics and I begged for help and Jason the sales mgr. said he would hook me up.Everyone else said they were all gone he said he found a few and would send for free under warranty. E-mail is hopeless I tried that to some lady w/no luck I think I am on to something though.I was supposed to recieve from fed-ex but we'll see.Persistance pays.I will get to the bottom of this Mon. I must have been blown off 5 times today I'll let you know.You were right they would only sell as kit for $180.00 but they have quit temporaraily and don't have even the seat covers. since suzuki left the WORCS we're left out to dry on this issue.

send hurracane (or huracane) a pm. Hes supposed to be lookin into some for me as well. He is in the parts business and his DRZ has some serious goodies! :)

Just talked to jason at N-style.03/17/03.He is the sales manager and said that there are no more yoshi graphics for the cycra/ims setup . There are about six or so left of the seat cover/graphics kits for the stock tank and shroud setup. Reg. price of $189.00, he said he would sell them to us (TTers) for $115.00. Not bad.Ask for Jason only, no one else will know what you are talking about.1-800-831-9043 ext.225.Also said thats it no more ever again.Team suzuki just came threw and swipped up all the remining cycra/ims kits to put on their DRZ's so they could sell them.He did however hook me up.If he doesn't tell you $115.00 ,tell him you heard from Brian that was the price.Seems like a good guy.

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