crf450x ??

I have herd rumers about a trail version of the do you guys think it will compare to a wr450 ? will we be going RED ? dont think so...

If Honda had one this year with the same components as the Yamaha, I would have seriously considered it. I rode a buddies 03 CRF and the riders compartment felt cramped compared to my Yami. Not sure if a good set of tall bars would have corrected the problem or not. I'm average height at 6'2".

I rode two 03' CRF450's and I did not like the feel at all (for trail riding). So if they change the rider cockpit area, then it may a force to reckon with. I'm 6'0" 170...............db :)

My friend completely modified his crf for desert. Cost something like $3500. Still doesn't feel as good as the WR.

Something just isn't right w/ it. Maybe it's me.


What bar do you use? I'm also 6'2" and looking for a better bar. Sitting down is comfortable enough but stand-up riding is really uncomfortable. I feel hunched and it throws my center of gravity off. Any tips would be nice.



On my 02 WR426 I was using the Jimmy Button Renthals and really liked them. I would have done the same with my WR450 but didn't want the crossbar so I could have a place to mount my gps and trailtech computer. I ended up going with the Fly Aero Taper bars and the universal bar adapters. The bars are the Honda high bend. They feel similar (if not the same) on height (as the Jimmy Button's did) with the universal clamp adapters installed. I ride a lot of woods but haven't trimmed the bars down at all because I like the wide open feel it gives me. The spacious feel of my WR was the first thing my buddy (the guy with the CRF450) mentioned after riding it. :)

There's a photo on my site with the gps and trailtech computer mounted. It's a pretty good shot of the bars but doesn't show you the clamp adapters.

Where abouts in Northen Utah are you located? I hear there is some great riding in the Logan area.


Thanks for the info. I have also been considering some "fat" bars with the universal adaptor for the added height. I just didn't know what bar to use if I went that route. Honestly, I don't know if I could go too high. Do you ride with your bars rotated forward (away from you) at all? BTW, I live in Clinton about an hour away (SW) from Logan. They do have some fun trails up there, at least last I knew (I haven't ridden up there for over ten years but keep thinking I should do it again). Also, what kind of jetting changes did the grey-wire mod necessitate for you (just this mod)? It makes my bike pop and sputter like crazy with the current jetting (I have it on a toggle).



Do you have a GPR on your bike? I wanted to install a GPR with Big bar and universal mounts but I didnt think it was possible. Can you post a picture of your setup.


I WISH! I rode a YZ426F a month or so ago that had one installed and man...I wanted one BAD. Unfortunately I have limited funds and opted for a Z-Start auto-clutch instead. I don't race anymore and I don't do a lot of high-speed stuff so it's easy to prioritize the upgrades. :) Here's a link to the setup on my bike:

Fly Aero Taper bars

Ogrebelle I used Jimmy Buttons on my Wr426 and now on my 450. I'm 6FT and I stand up a lot. They really help putting you in a better riding position.

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