DMV red sticker

Just got off the phone with the DMV and they have no word on the grandfathering of '02 and older red to green sticker words yet. :)

I can't imagine them releasing their grip on this. The tree huggers would never let it happen.

Maybe they are going to triple the fees like on cars?

With all this Green Sticker Red Sticker, over 96db is too loud, the smog, triple fees on cars crap, why doesn't everyone just move away? Man if I had to deal with all of that I would go nuts and probably have to pop some caps into the people at the DMV! HA HA There is always places like Arizona and Texas that don't have all that BS to mess with.

Our problem is we are hooked on the near perfect weather. And, that there are tracks all over the place. I can't stand all the reg's but I love the weather and local. Surf in the morning, ski in the afternoon and even get back in time to ride at night at LACR. Wow, what a day.

Stickers and noise? I only ride at tracks so it doesn't really effect me, YET! Stay tooned.

I was thinking of a cool idea. Get all the members of TT and make our own town in like Arizona. Put it somewhere far away frome everyone else and have lots of motocross tracks on one side and lots of trails on the other. 15000+ people would make a nice sized community. I'm sure there are TT members that are carpenters and construction people to actually build the town plus the housing. I am also sure there are people here on TT that can run anything from a grocery store to a Walmart. So what do you say, should we have a group relocation? Then we could have a TT ride every weekend! :)

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