Wrapped my header, now POPPING on decel

Wrapped my header on 06' YZ450F for looks and to keep from burning all my pants (not performance reasons). On start up it smoked like crazy (expected) and also pops LOUDLY when you blip the throttle and shoots a little fire from exhaust (not expected) :crazy: .

This is the only change I made to the bike that previously ran just perfect.

Any thoughts?

did you removed the exhaust when you did this? if so make sure its tight and sealed. I use hightemp gasket maker on mine between the header and slipon.

theres an air leak in the exhaust from when you re-installed it

you think it's between the header and pipe or header as it exits the engine? Should there be a gasket in either location? I have a White Bros system.

Definitely at the head, probably not at the pipe (but it might leak there, just the same)

Should there be a gasket in either location?

Definitely a copper gasket between the exhaust port and the header.

Yep thats at the head forsure!

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