Open Invite: Cresent Bar

There will be a small posse there this weekend! Saturday at about 10 am, same time on Sunday. The riding area is located approximately 2 miles DUE WEST of Trinidad, on Highway 28. Impossible to miss, tough to beat.

Barley pops, sausages and sodas will be on-hand.

Any Wet-sider is welcome! (We love busting you on the whoops!)

Hey Brandon! Yesterday I was in Wenatchee visiting my grandmother in the hospital. It's been at least 10 yrs since I was in Wenatchee, but while I was driving(approx 2 mi west of Trinidad) I spotted the trails next to the highway- on the hillside above the river. However, I didn't see how you really get to them. All the pull-ins off the highway have piles of dirt to keep vehicles out. Those trails look like serious fun, so naturally I'll have to make a special trip sometime. BTW- a while ago, I finally changed my screen name. It used to be ColoradoDRZ.

Eric W.

Entry into the riding area is super-secret. You can turn in off the highway (over the dirt berms) or, you turn in on Spanish Castle Road, then follow the train tracks in.

I hope that your grandma is doing ok. Next time you are in town, give me a shout. If we got time, we can shoe-horn in a ride, other wise, it will be lunch.

That area is more fun that you can imagine!

She's doing ok now- out of the hospital and at home. Got it....spanish castle road. I figured there was something I didn't see. I'll let ya know next time I'm in town. Are you coming to the ride here at Brown's Camp 18-19 Apr?? If so, I'll see ya then.




Riding again on Sunday!

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