Rear Brake Master Cylinder problem on 2003 YZ250F

I have an '03 250f that the Rear Brake Master Cylinder (backside) has rubbed a groove in the swingarm roughly 1/16" deep. This bike was bought new and has one hour riding time. It has not been crashed or dropped. Has anyone else had a problem with this? I was just curious if this may be a manufacturing clearance problem. I'm probably just going to bend the frame mounting tabs out slightly.

I just looked at mine. no grooves. I would take it back to a dealer and let them look at it.

I just looked at mine and if I understood you right,

The master cylinder is about 1" away from the swingarm.

I'm looking at the back of it.

It's no where near the swingarm.

Dont bend it back,, Take It Back!

Thanks for the replies. I failed to leave out one bit of information. The back of the rear master cylinder only rubs when the suspension is compressing. Yes, I know this sounds weird.

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