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TOTAL SEAL rings for your new HC piston

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John from JE sent me to TOTAL SEAL for the gapless rings for DRZ. (Childs+Albert doesn't make a small bore set) Gapless rings for those not familiar with them are designed so that the ends of the ring actually overlap at the ends effectively sealing the ring "GAP" to combustion pressure. This is where the nickname "2%" rings came from. A brand new race engine might have a leakdown (pump the cylinder to a certain pressure and then measure how much leaks out in a given amount of time, this measures how tight of a seal the engine has on the combustion pressure, tighter seal, more power) of 2-5% new, and 10-15% after 10 races. The idea is that when as bore wears, the ring opens up, and the gap widens as a result. By bridging the gap, the Total Seal rings have the same leakdown after 10 races as they did when they were new.

Childs and Albert does this with an L shape grind on the last portion of the ring so it overlaps itself.

Total Seal has a diff approach...they grind a relief all the way around the ring so that another ring (looks like an oil scraper ring) fits in the first ring. In effect you have two rings in the same groove which allows you to put the two ring gaps at opposite sides, sealing the gap. I've used them before in V8 engines and they are very popular as well as dependable. John at JE pistons is running some on one of his bikes, and is making 148hp (turbo added of course).

Total Seal has two styles for DRZ (JE piston)now:

Gapless top ring (best performance) M3622XC-1 $46.51

Gapless 2nd ring M3622XC-001-1 $35.58

These prices are for a complete set of rings for DRZ piston.

If you would like to investigate further, see link below...Andrew


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