Buying a bike??


I have just about decided to buy a DRZ400s/KLX400RS. When I bought my truck recently I emailed a number of dealers in my area and ask them to email back there best price on the model I wanted. It worked pretty good. I wondered if anybody tried to buy a motorcycle that way and if so was it successful?

There are probably 8 or 10 suzuki/kawasaki dealers within 2 hours drive of my house.



Hey that is a good idea. I wouldn't have expected to get many replies though. I wish I would have done some shopping around when I got my bike. Basicicaly it was one of those things where when I knew I wanted a DRZ I went to the first place that had one in stock and drove away with it then and there.

Guess I should have shopped around cuz I really don't like the people at the bike shop I got it from. I go to a local honda shop to get bike junk unless it is model specific and I have to go to the other place. And even then I will see if I can get it online first.

I only go to that shop to look at sale items.

Does anyone else have a favorite bike shop that they are willing to pay the extra dollars for parts, supplies and stuff rather than going to another shop that is either closer and/or the one you got your bike from?

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