Fuel range ?

Fellow TT'ers, didn't see much on search but was wondring if anyone knew how far the stock tank on an "03 crf450 will get (approx) and I'm considering the Clark tank, if anyone has this one (3+ gallons) what its mileage might be? I do alot of trail riding in the sierra's. Ciao JP

The clark 3.3 is a sweet tank. A while back it was written that the stock tank would get anywhere from 30-45 mpg. So that didn't help me much. The clark may push the plastic out about 3/4" but I never felt the difference. It sits low and I think adds a good look.

Thanks for the update Jared, looks like a Clark for me. I had one on a WR250F and it fit perfect. Hope the same on my '03 crf450. Ciao JP

I've had it seconded by another guy on here that you can get 30 mpg. That was in Baja and was wide open double track mostly. I have others swear that mileage sucks on these but I got easily over 100mi. on a tank. In the woods I never check but have yet to run dry on a day ride. Get the Clarke tank. Clear is nice 'cause you can see the level at all times. It's also cheaper than IMS. They each fit different though. IMS is taller (more likely to crack a nut:) and the Clark is wider. The wide-ness doesn't bother after riding it a few times and getting used to it.

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