THQ Flame Decals

Has anyone put the kit off a CR 250 on their 450 they don't make the flame kit for the 450.


The grapichs kits for a CR250 and CRF450 are different. You might be able to get away with it if the flames don't line up with any bolt holes.

Where did you see these graphics at? What was the website? I've not seen what they look like and have always like flames.

I saw these decals at a local dealer, they are not on ONE Industries website yet.


I am working with I'm having some custom flame shroud decals made for my 03 crf450. They have many decals to choose from at a reasonable price and just a little extra to do custom. Check it out.

So this is something new from One Industries? Have you seen them anywhere else besides the dealer?

Are you sure they were One Industries. I just called One Ind to find out about them and they are not aware of any THQ Flame graphics. Could you have you companies mixed up? What was the name of the dealer you saw them at and where are they located? I can call them to find out who made the graphics if you don't recall.

Are these the graphics you are thinking of? They are the Mike Cinqmars Moto Ethix kit available for '02/'03 CR125 & CR250.


Those are by One Ind. I called them and even got an email from them that the only graphics they have for a CR250 not on their website is a skull graphics. Maybe these are a special order deal that One doesn't sell to the public. Where did you get that photo at?

The graphics kit is available from Mx South

If you want flames may I suggest great sight for custom graphics at a fair price!

An excellent choice for more than just graphics. Have spent many a dollar there!

I have looked at and their stuff seems to be very pricey unless I read the site wrong. They were charging $120 for graphics only, no seat cover. Graphics only usually sell for $60 when there is no seat cover so that is double what others charge.

Received an email from One first thing this morning. That is why I like doing business with them. They get back to you right away and are always helpfull. They didn't know what I was talking about originally because the original post said THQ flame graphics. They didn't know what that was. The graphics he is referring to are the Moto Ethix graphics. I'm going to wait and see what these new skull graphics look like. They won't be for sale for another week but they are going to send me photo's. Gotta love that kind of customer service.

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