best fuel???

I run a high octane in my bike and was thinking about using VP racing fuel any recommendations???? I am a novice rider would there be any benifit???

Thanks :)

Brad at VP says that Ultimate 4 does give a noticible improvement to a stock 4 stroke, but it is around $8 per gallon.

Go with sunoco or b-32 phillips i run them and they are only 2.65/gal throttle response feels much crisper and the engine runs a lot cooler, when i ride in sand, deep sand i run it 100% when riding on hard ground i run a 3 to 1 ratio just my 2 cents

B32 is good stuff!

Turner Lab Corp. makes a 2 ounce bottle of octane booster (add whole bottle to your tank and it makes it approx. 95 octane). It sells for 99cents and yuo can buy a few to keep in your tool box. I get mine at Kragen Auto Parts. With the NGK plug and this booster, my bike starts 1st kick every time.

Ive always been told that octane booster doesn't do much at all. If you add it to pump gas, its still just pump gas with a small increase in octane level. Race gasses have many other additives in them such as lead and they have different oxygen levels too. Thats what makes it so good. I run Sunoco's race gas, not really huge gain, but throttle response is a little better, and the bike runs just a bit better.

I have no idea which is the best, I use Unical 110 leaded straight. My 55 gallon drum was $230.00. I can notice a crisper responding throttle and I could swear I can notice more power. Some people tell me I am crazy but if the fuel makes lower engine temp than it stands to reason I would have more horsepower.

I have been running torco 112 leaded mixed 50/50 just because

of the valve issue here.

Thinking that the lead offers a little protection.

I have checked the valves 3 times since new in oct-01

and I only had to adjust them the first time.

My thought on the valves is guys that live out west or have areas that can open the bike up for long streches.

This is my oppinion only.

I have talked to Kyle Lewis's mechanic after red bud and he said they had to redo the head often, but I know Kyle rides

his bike alittle faster then this 43yr old.

hope this helps

steve t.

Thanks for all the input :):D :D

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