yzf 426 as a street legal motard

There is a guy who is selling me a 01 yzf426 for 800, it comes with Marchesini wheels and is converted. It was used as a track bike only. The motor needs new cams and head work needed.

I guess my main question is once I get the bike running what am I looking at for maintenance.

I plan on running it from my town to the city which is 45 mile round trip. I have a cbr I run everyday and want something different.

I have heard things like every other day I will have to change the oil and that in 20 hours I will have to rebuild the top end. How accurate is this?

Should I stay away from this completely?

Some say that tons of people run this type of bike with no problems. I really need some solid advice!

thanks ahead of time!

those statements are not accurate at all. Maintenence WILL be higher than for a cbr, which was designed as a street bike. the yz is a bke designed for racing - period. that said, the yz is probably the best of the big 4 to convert to street use, due to the reliability of the 5 valve heads. you'll probably have to do half, if that, of the valve adjustments you would for the other jap bikes. change your oil once a month, and check your valves at the same time.

snatch it up. the marchesini's are worth almost double the $800 price alone.

I will take it if you dont want it!

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