head gasket

im replacing my head gasket and in the owners manuel they say you need to replace these 4 "crush washers" i have the gasket but the washers will not be in till tuesday and I WANT TO RIDE do any of you guys know if i have to replace them? or do they just recommend it? thanks guys

If these crush washers are sealing the oil lines they will most likely leak. It they are the washers on the head bolts they can be used over and over.

Which crush washers are you referring to? If you're talking about the ones that seal the external oil line, I've had good success reusing the old ones. As a general rule, all manufacturers recommend replacing *any* sealing washers.

Roger That on the oil o-rings,washers. I bought new ones for my first oil change but when I took the filter housing and oil lines off they looked fine. So I reused them figuring at most they would weep a bit. And not even a drop ever formed so I guess it's just Yamahaha's way....

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