O.T. Need Information

Do any of you have the June 2001 edition of "Dirt Bike" magazine? I am looking for the shoot out article on the DRZ250 vs. TTR250 vs. XR250. My wife wants a new dirt bike and she has specified 4 Stroke 250, Electric Start, and Mild power delivery. That sort of narrows it down to the DRZ250 or TTR250.

If one of you has the article, perhaps you could scan it and email it to me at smett@cfl.rr.com



Or a CRF230 or a KTM250

I'm gunna wait for the CRF250X's for my wifes new bike! That will make ME a great backup just in case :)



I thought about the CRF250X or the WR259F for the wife (and Me). However, seat height is an issue. So, by the time I lowered it and set it up for her weight, I wouldn't be able to ride it. In addition, she'll just be trail riding and not skimming the tops of two foot whoops, so she won't need the CRF or WR suspension. Therefore, I might as well save the money and buy her the DRZ or the TTR.

I havent heard anything about the drz, but i have been told that ttr 250s are very heavy and if you drop them the can be a real hassle for women to pick up. The xrs are not too bad but again weight can be a problem. But i do know that theyre very strong, and dependible.

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