Changed flywheel & bike will not start. HELP!!!

The goal was to swap an 11oz flywheel with a 9oz. I started the bike, and warmed the engine for a few minutes. I then drained the oil and changed the oil filter. Let the engine cool for about an hour. Removed the 11oz flywheel and installed the 9oz, put on a new gasket and put in oil. It was late and I didn't want to piss off anyone so I didn't start the bike. When I got home from work today, I tried to start the bike and nothing. Changed the plug and still nothing. The compression feels as it should. I have not idea what the problem is. Any suggestions???

There are a few things going on as to magnet polarity/position and ignition trigger postion. I'd go back and put the old one on to confirm the new FW is causing the problem. If so drop the FW folks a line. They're pretty cool and will surely help you out. RR.

Thanks Ride Red. I put the 11oz back on and it fired up the first kick! :) I have only been in the woods since I got this bike and thought my first scheduled day at the track was going to be screwed up. I guess this will give me an opportunity to baseline the performance of the 11oz on the track so I can compare it to the 9oz when trailtech sends me a new one. (Which I am sure will not be a problem because they have been really good to deal with.) Anyway, thanks for the idea you saved tomorrows ride for me.

Ya gotta love this forum!

Fantastic!!! Yeah ThumperTalk is a pretty cool place.

Geoff or Kelly at TrailTech should be able to fix you up. Good business practices there for sure. RR.

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