click click click

anybody hear a click click noise when they are riding there 450's? it sounds like the chain is hitting the front sprocket guard or something like that. the chain isn't loose. maybe i will take the guard off and see if the noise stops.well it's either that or the valves . i'm hoping for the chain i really don't want to have to mess with the valves right now. it's made this noise since the first time i rode it. i think i heard another bike make the same noise on one of the home video's they shot but i'm not 100% certain.

I heard it on mine also. I thought it sounded like it was coming from the rear.

Yea, I heard the same thing on my YZ450F when I first got it and it freaked me out. It is the chain slapping the chain guide on the swing arm. Tighten your chain to the max spec and it will stop.




Sounds like the chain slapping on the swingarm slider. Check Motomans tech articles under faulty YZ swingarm slider, he of course has an easy fix. My 00 WR400 did this but the 02 WR426 has a built in rise in the slider to prevent this.

That picture on Motoman 393's website is of my swingarm. My bike ate swingarm guards every few months until I glued it down. I used Goop glue (it's like contact cement on steroids) on the top and bottom parts of the guard. Now I've had the same guard on for over a year with no noticeable wear.

Be careful tightening your chain too much. I have personally witnessed a motor and chain both being destroyed due to an overtight chain on a YZ426F.

Contact cement on steroids...........your killin me :D:):D :D

My buddies YZF450 made the same noise. He called the dealer and he is the third person to notice this noise. Apparently Yamaha has not made it public yet, but there may be a recall for the clutch basket, springs, or something. I suggest calling your dealer...................db :)

tightened the chain today click click click is gone !!

Great thread!!! I been hearing that click,click,click for years... I guess I've been running my chain to loose... Just too lazy to figure it out. Thanks guys..


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