Where to buy fork dust seal covers?

I took off my ugly (IMO) fork boots and I guess I need to buy fork dust seal covers. (For budget reasons I plan on buying a fork guard sometime after my first SM race so I'm hoping I don't nick my tubes for the time being)

Where would you guys recommend buying these and do you know the part numbers? (since I guess they don't come listed as stock)



Get some SealSavers. They are available at the ThumperTalk store. If you're just riding SM, that's probably all you'd need.

Yeah I'm sure they work good and they llok bteer than the boots but since they only seem to offer a few inches of tube protection I'm still liking the idea of the traditional seals...

I'll think about it some more but does anyone know where I can get some of those and the part number?


Seal savers come in long and short sleeves. You most likely are referring to the short ones. The long ones cover more than a couple of inches.


Yeah I know but what I really like is the look of the long chrome tubes!

I have been running my DRZ now 2 years with nothing and all is ok :D

But thats just me :)

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