Sprocket question on an S

I have read about most people going down to a 14/47 set for dirt riding. But has anyone gone the other way for the road? With stock 15/44, I find myself looking for a 6th gear. I want to go down the road at 65mph with less rpms. Has anyone tried anything?



Try going to a 43 or 42 on the rear. I don't think you can fit a 16 up front.

Im always looking for 6th also, Im going to try a 40 in the back and see what

that does for me. Most likely need a new chain, although I have heard

people go to 48 from 44 without a chain swap but 4 in the other direction

and you might need to take out a few links. The only place I know to get

a 40 is www.sprocketspecialists.com

I was going to go 16 front but many have said it will be a tight fit

and probably wont work.

Your right, I just looked and there is no way a 16 is going to fit.

If I switched to a 40 on the rear, do you think there would be a power problem? Would it pull in high gear ok?

I think you would burn up alot of clutchs just trying to leave stop signs or traffic lights. I feel like the stock 15/44 that first gear is nowhere near low enough to try any trail riding. Its okay on the street.

Maybe go 42 or 43 on the rear.

Im pretty sure there are some supermoto guys running a 40, I think even one has a 38.

He may have power mods, I dont think a 42 would change much, but it would help.

It is definatley a toss up, eventually my plan is 40 for street 50 for dirt with a spare rim.

Sure would be nice to have a 6th gear...

I'm just curious, but why would someone want to go to a 40 sprocket. Because I can run at speeds of 80 plus 47/15 and with the stock 44/15 I could run 80 85 all day! but with the 47/15 I can cruz at 70 easy without pushing it, it's very smooth.

anyway I was just curious why?

a 17 inch wheel on a supermoto is shorter than a 18 on a dirt bike.the gearing is lowered by the smaller wheel.they have to run 38-40 just to ride at normal speeds.

anyway I was just curious why?

The stock 15/44 gearing isnt set up to do 80+ all day. Its winding out way too much.

I want to tone down the rpms, I ride the highway more then a few miles a week

and hate to keep it at 9-10k rpms, its abusive dont you think...?

I have to keep up with freeway traffic and if you have not noticed lately it

has become much faster, at least near me. Average for the fast lane around

here seems to be 80-90 nowadays...?

I thought about a 42, but Im guessing the 40 will lower the rpms to something

a little less abusive for the highway. I still plan on getting a 50 for dirt.

Ok here are some ratios:

15/40 - 2.66

15/42 - 2.80

14/40 - 2.85

15/43 - 2.86

15/44 - 2.93 - stock S

14/42 - 3.00

13/40 - 3.07

14/44 - 3.14

13/42 - 3.23

15/50 - 3.33

14/47 - 3.35 - stock E

13/44 - 3.38

14/50 - 3.57

13/50 - 3.84

So 15/50 looks good for matching E stock and Im hoping 15/40 lets me cruise 80+mph

on the highway at a much less abusive rpm then 15/44. I guess Im going to give up

better stoplight launches but its a trade off and it will be a better cruiser @ speed.

$37 for the 40T isnt too much to invest to see how it works out. If I get a chain long

enough for the 15/50 I can take out enough links to make it work on the 15/40 and

put them back on for dirt again cant I? Am I asking too much for one chain, would

getting 2 be better...?

Go here and use this gearing spreadsheet set up for a DRZ-E. If you input your S or E gear ratios and sprocket sizes then you can see the max speed and normal running speed and such.

Gear Ratio Spread Sheet

I asked the question for a couple reasons. For a long haul on the road, I wanted to turn the motor at less rpms. I figured I would save a little on fuel, would feel less of the high speed motor vibration, and less rpm= less wear= longer motor life? I am always looking for a 6th gear, I would like to eliminate some of the feeling of running it at too high of an rpm to keep it at speed.

I am going to run 14/47 in the dirt, but for long road travel it is not going to work for sure. 15/44 is ok, just wondering if there is better.


I'm changing to 40T on the rear soon, need to shorten my stock chain. :)


There is no way that you need a 15/50 for the dirt, The bike would run in trials comp with that gearing. I'm running 15/47 and like I said in another post I can pull second gear starts easy. Max speed with my current set-up is about 72 to 78 pushing it. I think that this gearing will be perfect for the type of tight woods riding we have here on the East Coast. For open road travel I would try a 15/42 set-up anything less without serious motor mods will be abusing the clutch to get the thing moving in first gear. Just my 2 c's.

15/41, used to use it on my stock S model with motard wheels, yet also used it on the road on knobblies in the snow to limit wheelspin. Gives you approx another 10mph cruising speed, and doesn't seem to take too much off the aceleration.

well. like I said I was curious why is all.

I'm still learning and just wanted to know. I don't live in a big city area I live in the foot hills so I guess I don't know anything about freeway travel but it sounds like high gearing would come in handy, For the type of riding I do the 15/47 works perfect, when I do ride for 30 miles or so on the open road I run at about 65-70 it seems to be fairly smooth there, what do you guys think I'm I missing it or does that seem ok? 70% of my riding is mountain type roads lots of curves that kinda thing.(when I'm not on the dirt that is) :D


thanks for the info guys. 15/50 is very close to 14/47 which is stock e so

its not that crazy, I think many use it. Having a 40, 50, 15, 14, & 13 would give

me a huge range of gearing if you look at my numbers above.

70% of my riding is mountain type roads lots of curves that kinda thing

I do a majority of this riding also & 15/44 is nice for it, you can run it to 100 without

hitting rev limter, might hit it with 15/47. The fast twisties are usually 70 or so average

and 15/44 runs ok at 70. Still a bit high in the revs but the powerband is nice in 4th

& 5th between 50-75.

Its just those stretches of highway 100 miles or more that you would need a 40.

I dont really want more top speed on this thing then it already has 105 is fine for me,

all I really want is to tune down the rpms. If I can I usually take surface streets, but

the highway is more practical sometimes and it would be nice to go 80+ without the engine stress.

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