Remote Hot Start

I want to install a remote hot start now that I have a the '03 YZ cam. I'm familiar with the Dubach device, but I'd like to have a left-side mount now that I don't need the manual decomp. lever any more. What do you guys recommend and where do I buy it? Can the stock set up for the '03 models be retrofitted to my '01 model?

get the DR.D I hate the hot start on the 03 I am thinking about buying a DR.D for it just so it is on the right side

Most magazines that have reviewed the 03's recommend moving the hot start to the right side. Mine's always been on the right side so I don't know any different, but the train of thought runs that with it on the right side it keeps your hand off the throttle and leaves your left hand free to pull the clutch in if needed.

Otherwise your left hand has pull the clutch in and hold the hot start while your right hand steadies the bike with the throttle tube making your chances of flooding it that much greater. Remember that the accelerator pump on the FCR triggers with a slight opening of the throttle. This is one of the reasons Dr. D makes a hot start kit for the Honda CRF450, to get it over on the right side next to the throttle.

You've got to wonder about a company (Yamaha) that was shown how to do it right by their own test rider (Dr. D), and still came up with a left hand hot start.

I have the Dr. D unit, and it is an excellant upgrade, a must if you race. A couple of tips, get into the habit of thumbing the Dr. D lever with your palm resting on the throttle housing, not the grip, or you tend to slightly rotate the grip, shooting some raw fuel in the carb (real bad for any WR/YZF). My unit also siezed up after about 6 month of use. Crud accumilated around the plunger, I now use anti-sieze around the plunger, and it works great now.

Rich K.

I installed a Dr.D hot start on my '02 YZ 426F as the first upgrade along with PC Racing filter gasket and a Twin-air filter. The hot start is one of the best after market add-ons I ever used. No bending over to find the hot start plunger any more. The right side mount keeps me from rolling the throttle while using the hot-start. I recommend the Dr. D model without reservation.


I have the '03 Cam and Dr. D hot start. The hot start works fantastic.

Just one problem tho..... I don't use it anymore since I put the

'03 Cam in. Maybe my jetting is set really well for restarts or I just

lucked out. The '03 Cam seems to have helped out in the restart

area. Just kick and go. I've often thought of removing it but you know

what will happen then? I'll need it on a hillside and pull the choke out

not the hot start.


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