Seal Saver Installation

Hi everyone,

I am almost embarrassed to ask this question but feel the need to do so.

I have had my seal savers for a while but haven't put them on yet. So the other day I attempted to install but failed miserably. My problem is getting the fork to slide out of the clamps. After taking off the front wheel and placing my bike on stand, I loosened all clamp bolts thinking the forks would basically slide out of clamps. I was prepared for them falling and hitting ground. To my amazement they didn't even budge. So, after scratching my ass for a minute, I got a big flat head screw driver to kinda pry the clamps a bit. Still nothing :)

Being it was getting late I decided I better reassemble everything and try again later.

What am I doing wrong? Should I lightly tap top of forks to force them down?

Thanks and forgive my ineptness,


The bottom clamp is loaded....Place a flat tip screw driver in the outside slot and gently open the clamp...The Fork will "Fall out of the clamp...Keep one hand on the fork at all times.

Sometimes the clamps can get a little dirt in between the fork and clamps. A soft tap with a rubber mallet will do the job if required.

Bonzai :)

You be the man kaze. Thanks. I will attempt again tomorrow.


It's really just easier to twist and pull on the upper fork tube body. You shouldn't have to remove the clamp bolts at all, just loosen them. It should be a snug fit with the bolts removed, but just twisting the forks works for me everytime.


DO what Yamakaz said, I had the same issue with mine the bottom clamp is the issue...

Also try this first

Standing in front of the bike, grabe the tire with your knees, take the bars in you hand and wriggle from left to righ or right to left. This may unpack the bottom clamps.

Make sure every thing is loose though :)

Sometimes the top and bottom clamp can get twisted and mis-aligned. If you are having a problem removing forks from the triple clamps, loosen the retaing nut on top of the top clamp to let the clamps align themselves.

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