Plating a WR in Oregon

I want to get a plated WR in Washington but have been told it is impossible unless the bike already has a plate. I thought maybe I could buy a WR in Oregon and get it plated there under a relatives name and then at a later date have it transfered to Washington under my name. Does anyone know if his will work? Is it any easier in Oregon than in Washington? HELP! I need details on how to pull of this scheem.

fairly easy to plate a WR in Oregon, all you need is plate mount, brake light, turn signals, mirrors and hi-low headlight, and of course insurance, all the normal stuff. I understand there is a kit available that includes most everything needed. Not sure of the company that produces it, a friend made a WR250 street legal here


I plated my 2003 WR450 just last month even though across the face of the MSO It said something about it not being street legal and riding on the street was not legal or some mumbo-jumbo like that. I went into the local DMV office and registered the bike and told the counter girl that I wanted a plate, she said I couldn't plate a OHV. I said it's a motorcycle not an OHV. She said that will be $50.00 for 2 years please. The kicker to that was 3 weeks ago I get a letter from the head DMV office in Salem telling me I must surrender my plate because the bike was not street legal. I called them up the next day and was told that I could have the bike inspected for the street legal pieces and get it signed off, which is just what I did. I got my title and registration in the mail this past Monday. I had already installed a Trick Dual Sport kit on my bike which cost $370.00 and has everything you need to make it legal except for the tail light and turn signals on the rear. I didn't get their rear set up because I wanted to try my own idea on that. Their set up is another $30.00 I think. The only other piece that you will need is a rear view mirror. Go to and check out the kits. It didn't show a kit for the new WR450 but they have one. Call Dale and tell him Jim in so ore sent you.

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