On the subject.of the Yosh cdi,you say you have instructions that specifcally state that the only difference is red line?Also that they state the E model red line is 10,500?I called everyone I could think of, including Susuki Of America, and no one can tell me for sure what red line is for my kicker.You would think Susuki would know.Also if you have your Yosh cdi installed,did you shim your valve springs? or change them to compensate for higher revs?Thanks Alex

According to the YoshTechnical service publication the yosh box only raises the rev limiter 500 rpm and does not change the ignition curve. Since the yosh box was designed for the E model it would be safe to say that the E rev limiter is set at 10500. The kit comes with titanium valve keepers for all valves and spring retainers and shims for the intake valves only. The shims are so thin i'm not sure of there purpose. They are maybe .010~.020 thick and dont see how they will help spring tension. I also dont understand why the kit includes spring retainers for the intake valves only. They look identical to OEM but maybe from different material (titanium?) cause they seem a bit lighter. Just went for a 20 mile ride tonight after I dropped the main jet down to a 152 from 158. Still seems a bit fat because of inability to hit the rev limiter easily.Still kinda likes to be short shifted.. Gonna keep trying till I get it right.... :)

BTW.Stock valve springs are used..OEM springs must be pretty good

PM me with a fax # and i'll fax the document to you if you like :)

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